The Pregnancy Hat: And now … we wait.

The reason I thought Colton was coming on Sunday was because I had a C-section scheduled for November 18th. I had it scheduled because baby boy was breech and measuring over 8lbs.

So, here I am sitting at my doctor’s appointment, 6 days before surgery, holding a bright orange insurance folder and rockin’ swollen feet and a pink stain on my belly, when the doctor calls me into her office.

She does her feeling around bit and starts to giggle. “I think he flipped”, she said. And with that, I was whisked away to the Ultra Sound room where she confirmed that he indeed flipped! At 38 weeks my little man got into position (what a relief!).

So … now, we just wait. He’s back on track for his first due date of November 25. A Thanksgiving baby? We will just have to wait and see what God has in store. The anticipation is tough – especially now that we have a toddler at home. But, I’m ready to meet Colton (and shed this pregnancy suit).

4 thoughts on “The Pregnancy Hat: And now … we wait.

    1. Congratulations!!! I dind’t realize we were so close in pregnancy. How exciting and what a relief that your baby flipped. Best wishes for a smooth delivery!