The Pregnancy Hat: the turkey joke

I love that I’m going to have Colton around the holidays. I really didn’t think the holidays could get more magical. But, before this baby is born, I have a tiny request. When you see me waddling around town and you ask, (as most strangers do), “when are you due?” and I reply, “the Sunday after Thanksgiving” … please resist the urge to say, “Well, it looks like you’ve got a turkey in the oven.”

I can’t even tell you how many times this has happened.

6 thoughts on “The Pregnancy Hat: the turkey joke

    1. You should have heard the jokes last time around – this one man literally said to me, “are you having twins?” I said, “no” and he replied, “are you sure?” I glared at him and he hurried off.

      1. I would have glared too!! Most of the looks I got were evil stares. I look so young everyone assumed I was a pregnant teenager. I got a lot of, “How old are you!?” instead of, “When are you due?” haha.

  1. hahah, that is hilarious. it reminds me when i got carded at the movies. i was 6 months pregnant and looked at the guy like, ‘is this real life?’ good to look young though. I envy that.

    1. I actually got it again this morning. “When are you due?” (them) “Thanksgiving” (me) “Ahhhh, you’ve got a turkey in there” (them).