The Professional Hat:

Nordstrom just launched it’s new website! It’s the biggest website overhaul for the company in 10 years.  I want to know your thoughts – love it or loathe it?
I’m a huge fan because part of my job is to welcome innovation, change and viral ideas. I think this is a huge step for retail eCommerce sites everywhere. Check out the “Conversation” tab. This is one of my favorite features. It’s like bringing your retail news, fashion blogs, inspirational ideas, videos, and hottest trends directly to one space. For all of you Google Analytic freaks, I wonder what the average time on the site jumps up to.
Change is good. But, do you think the site is easier to navigate, or more confusing than ever? Visit to find out.


Read this article that explains the objective behind the site; it includes great quotes from Jamie Nordstrom, Executive Vice President.