The Romance Hat: Why Carnations Rule

We came home from the hospital on February 11, 2010. Three days before Valentine’s Day. When we walked in the front door, I could smell the aroma of fresh flowers. To my surprise, my house was filled with pink carnations.

My father-in-law had decorated our house with a “Welcome Home, Kelsey” banner on our staircase and pink carnations in multiple vases throughout our house. My dad had pink and red balloons and Kelsey’s first teddy bear standing by. I was so touched by these gestures.

And so there we were, two adults (with no clue how to raise a child), holding a perfect 9lb bundle of baby, standing in our front doorway. I think we literally stood in silence for five seconds, just taking it all in.

I remember this moment as if it was yesterday. We were scared, tired and nervous – as any first-parents are. It was in that moment that Ryan and I realized something. Three days prior, we had left a house to deliver a baby. Only to come back to a home. We were parents now.

As the shock settled in, we made our way through the entry way and began this amazing chapter. We thank God daily for Kelsey.

Yesterday, Ryan surprised me with bouquets of my new-favorite flower. We had a child-free sushi dinner where we talked and talked and talked. About an hour into our conversation we stopped and realized we hadn’t talked about school, potty training, budgets or work.

We just talked about us.

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