The Shopper Hat: Eco-Friendly Birth Announcements

I don’t like to review things that I haven’t tried. But I found something interesting that I wanted to share with you. It’s called Nursery Notice. It might be the new way to send birth announcements. For $34, you can email an online announcement to your friends & family informing them of your new arrival. You choose a fun format that sings, dances and looks like you built a custom website for baby JR. Everyone can view photos, read details and send their congratulations on the site. You can later save it to a CD as a keepsake. 

The plus: it’s an eco-friendly and innovative way to share your great news. 

The negative (to me): It’s on the web. Call me old school, but I love sending and receiving real mail. Mail that is handwritten. Signed, sealed and delivered just for me. This is a cool concept though. What do you think? 

Yay, or nay? 

Click here to view samples (turn up your sound)

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