The Sportsfan Hat: A Football Quote for Parents

What do Michael Irvin and I have in common? Nothing, really. Except that we are both parents. This weekend, I was watching ESPN with my husband and they were showing highlights from past Hall of Fame speeches. Michael Irvin’s speech really resonated with me. Yes, it was a speech from 2007. Three years ago. Does that tell you how often I watch ESPN? Regardless of how late I am to hear this speech, there were 9 words that really made me think.

You see, my dad raised me like a boy. Whenever I would get stuck in a tree, or on top of the jungle gym, I would raise my hands out to my dad, who was looking up at me from the ground below, and I would yell, “Daddy, get me down.” And you know what he would say? “Stephanie, you got yourself up there so you can get yourself down”. And, I did. He was always there to catch me if I fell, but he never bailed me out of a situation that I put myself into. I didn’t get special treatment for being a girl. I believe that is why I am so independent and strong today.
In 2007, Michael Irvin said something that I could hear my dad saying. At the end of his speech, he turned to his two little boys and said “… [in life] Look up, get up and don’t ever give up”.
Ain’t that the truth.

My dad's football collage at our University (click to enlarge)