The all-about-me Hat: 3 hours!

I did it! I put on the “Me”  hat on today. Wearing the “Me” hat is about as rare as eating crème brûlée. But, when you do, you savor the moment for days to come. We’re preparing for a road trip, so all you moms know what that means: stress, packing, shopping, cleaning … the works.

I took today off work. I have exactly 3 hours before I have to pick up the car from being serviced and then pick up my baby from daycare to meet her and my husband at a 6-month doctor visit. Think I can hit the hair salon, get a pedicure, spray tan and visit the mall? I’m going to try. Ready, set … here I go!

– What’s with all the hat references? Click here to find out.

UPDATE: I was only able to get the car picked up, get my hair done and get a spray tan. No mall. No cute toes. Better luck next time. 🙂

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