The Traditional Hat: We Started a New One!

Ryan and I drove away from Zoolights last night in complete happiness. In almost the same breath, we said, “This should be our new tradition”. And so, it is. Every year, the weekend after Thanksgiving, we’ll take the kids to Zoolights – a night where our Zoo decorates the entire place in shiny lights.

The zoo is filled with Christmas lights, hot chocolate, camel rides, merry-go-rounds, giant giraffes and even a visit from Santa Claus. What a joyous time of year, don’t you agree?


This was her favorite part of the night: A talking giraffe. Last night, while I was putting her to bed, I asked her if she remembered the giraffe. She said, “giraffe. big neck. bottom. tail. yellow.” I was shocked. It’s so amazing what they can remember at only 21 months.