The Travel Hat: His and Her Hikes

Ryan and Rob hiked one morning. I mean, really hiked. Like, a we-spotted-deer-within-yards-from-us-because-we-were-so-far-up-the-mountain kind of hike. I spotted them on their decline, just as I was looking outside my room window (note: lazy and tired) and snapped a pic.

The next day, the girls decided to give it a whirl. We took Kelsey and made it to the … well, not really even close to the top, but we got a good work out in regardless. Or, I did rather. I ended up carrying Kelsey half way up the hill.

She loved it though. We would pass really tall grass and colorful thistles and she would say, “these are like the flowers in Pixie Hollow”. So cute. And sad to admit that the only reason I knew they are called thistles is from Tinker Bell movies too.


hiking 12

hike in deer valley

deer valley hike hike in deer valley hike in deer valley hike in deer valley hike in deer valley

hike in deer valley(See the boys? Look closely.)

hike in deer valley

(Ryan picked Kelsey a bouquet of wildflowers on his hike)

wildflower boquet


hike in deer valley

hike in deer valleyhike in deer valley

hike in deer valley, utah

 hike in deer valley        hike in deer valley

 deer valley hike