The Upside of Work Travel

Traveling for work isn’t always glamorous. You have to deal with long airport security lines, horrible cab rides and really long days (and nights) in meetings, conferences and pitching your business case. Not to mention the emotional stuff us mothers deal with when we have to leave our little kids behind. Missing my kids and family is the #1 reason I don’t love traveling each month. But here’s the upside: Meeting new people, traveling to new places, exploring amazing hotels, and working for a company that fuels my creative drive.

Let’s not forget the fact that you get to sleep through the night without a child climbing into your bed or a baby screaming. Someone else makes your bed and your daily schedule revolves around adult stuff (also see: Not having to watch Jake & the Neverland Pirates when all you want to do is veg out and relax). So while I sometimes get super exhausted (like last week when I was in Mexico City and San Diego), I truly love what I do and being a full-time working mom is part of my DNA.

Last week we stayed at The St. Regis Mexico City and it truly was a breathtaking hotel. When I show you these pictures you won’t believe we were working, but we were. I swear. This is the smartest group of brand marketers that I know. People that were born for this stuff. The room was filled with over 200 creative talents, strategic thinkers, analytic minds and truly marketing geeks like me.

This is a peek into our conference room where most of our meetings were held. Notice the color in the room? The room kept changing colors, perhaps this is some ploy to keep your mind alert when you’re in a room for 8 hours a day, but whatever the reason, it was super cool. And check out that chandelier? My eyes were immediately drawn to it. The St. Regis ballroom has my vote for the coolest meeting space I’ve been in. Here’s a little peek into this work trip, I’ll post more photos soon!