The Video Hat: Kelsey and Daddy’s Thing

I like all kinds of movies. Romantic movies. Suspense movies. Funny movies. But do you know the best movies of all? They are the one’s that I take of my family doing the ordinary (remember this one?). They are the short films where Kelsey is the star.

In this moment, Ryan had just turned off the music in the car and started singing with Kelsey (he looked at me and goes, “this is kind of our thing”). Before I could even turn the camera on they both started doing “their thing”. I love. I heart. I melt.

Here’s a little peek into Ryan and Kelsey’s new “thing”.


At 24 seconds, you see here signaling a truck ahead. And at 30 seconds the truck passes. Oh, these are the little things that I love. And the little things that make a mommy so dang proud.

Here’s to a better day than yesterday!

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