The Vino Hat: Verde Valley Wine Trail

My in-laws recently visited the Valley Verde Wine Trail, located in Northern Arizona. My father-in-law is a wine connoisseur – so if he says the wine was great, that means the wine was great! They started in Jerome, Arizona then worked their way to Cottonwood and then to Page Springs. Ending the day in Sedona with dinner at Elote Cafe. His pictures are amazing!

I think Ryan and I need to do the same. The Valley Verde Wine Trail is home to four Arizona wineries and eight tasting rooms. I’m sold!

Last year, my friends went wine tasting in Northern Arizona too. You can read all about Teri’s experience and see her photos here. Guess what, Ryan? Looks like we’re the last ones to the wine tasting party. Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “The Vino Hat: Verde Valley Wine Trail

  1. In 2010, Suzanne and I took our families and went to the Sedona Wine Fest…they had all of those wineries there so you can try their wine, and some from southern AZ, too.
    We love the winery in Prescott Valley as well. We have gone up there many times. We have yet to do the Valley Verde Wine Trail. Can you do it in 1 day? I would love to take my mom in Sept for her bday!!

    1. Sam, I should do the Sedona one. Is it annual? My father in law says you can do it in one day. I think that’s what they did. Looks like they had such an amazing time.