The Wellness Hat: Hand, Foot and Mouth

Yep, we have hand, foot and mouth over here. It’s a virus (with no treatment) that kids get. As we lifted Kelsey out of the bath last night, I noticed her little feet had red bumps all over them. I asked her to stick out her tongue and I saw two blisters. I rocked her to bed, then called the after hours nurse line to confirmed it was hand, foot and mouth.

I should have known something was fishy because during dinner she pointed to her mouth and said, “medicine, medicine.” (guess it pays to listen to your child, eh?) I think she caught the virus over the weekend because she had a sore throat and was super “needy” for her mommy (the way she always gets when she is under the weather). 

She’s in good spirits though, so that helps. I’m told via Google that this virus can last anywhere from 2-7 days. Please send good thoughts our way for a speedy recovery. PS – this beats the time she had croup (here), knock on wood that never comes back.

7 thoughts on “The Wellness Hat: Hand, Foot and Mouth

    1. Great to know! She is in great spirits, it’s just a balancing act with work since she can’t go to daycare infected. So happy to hear it was over quickly, thanks for sharing!