The Wife Hat: I’m the Birthday Scrooge

As I mentioned here, it is my husband’s birthday. Hurray! I feel horrible though. We had so many great plans for this weekend. Saturday, the plan was to go to breakfast and visit the new Music Museum (he loves music). Then we were going to have a nice dinner and see a great movie. I had my parents on babysitting duty. It was going to be perfect.
But … I woke up with a horrible migraine. A stupid knock-you-on-your-butt migraine. It ruined all of our plans. My migraine let up just in time for us to keep our dinner plans. Although the bright lights of the big screen were not in the plans. Next Saturday, it’s all about the mister. I’m making even bigger and better plans … migraine or not.
To the Museum and beyond!!
On our way to dinner, I did manage to snap one photo. He’s such a good sport. You know he just loathes these “Hurry, it’s a red light, just smile into the camera! Please! No one is looking. I promise. You could be done by now!” photos that I always make him take.