The Wife Hat: His Five-Star Birthday

Before Kelsey got croup, Ryan and I found ourselves immersed in a five-star weekend. After taking in the Music Museum, we continued his 32 birthday celebration with a stay at The Phoenician.

Thanks to our grandparents for watching the little one so we could enjoy adult time. The desert landscape at this resort is so beautiful, we couldn’t help ourselves from taking tons of photos. See? Isn’t it pretty.

It was overcast out, which was perfect for a little toe dipping in their heated pool. And yes, this is what winter looks like here.

After taking a tour through their famous Cactus Garden and beautifully landscaped property (yes, Ryan noticed all of that), we sat poolside for some great cocktails. Then, like any good vacationers do, we got ready, ate a fabulous dinner and then retreated to their outdoor bar for signature cocktails by the fire. Ahhh … what a weekend it was!

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