The Wife Hat: Words with Friends

Is the game, “Words with Friends” as much fun if you’re playing “Words with your Spouse?” I don’t think so.

Last night, Ryan and I decided to jump on the mobile app craze. We downloaded “Words with Friends” to give it a whirl. Ryan was against this idea from the start. Why don’t we just grab the Scrabble board, he declared. I told him we were trying something new. I was sick of the Starbucks barista, and everyone else in the world, always asking me if I play this game. Everyone seems to how to play, but us. So, we played.
And played. And played. And played.
Half way through the game, we realized the game is flawed. My husband, to his credit, brought up a really good point: His word, Uranus was not accepted. However, the word Sun was accepted. His argument was this: “Uranus is the name of a planet. Sun is the name of a star. Why would they accept one over the other?”
And in that moment I thought: The cliché IS true! There is a first time for everything. Never would I have thought my husband I would be staying up late talking about Uranus.

One thought on “The Wife Hat: Words with Friends

  1. haha, i have had the same frustration as Ryan had with Uranus. sometimes they won’t accept a blatant word, but mikis makes something up and of course they take it!