The Working Hat: Throwback Monday

Can we pause really quick for a throwback Monday? About two weeks ago, today, I was in Disneyland with my co-workers. Half of us work in Seattle, half of us work in Phoenix – so it was decided to meet in the middle. While in Anaheim, we dedicated a few hours to run all over Disneyland.

We went on (adult!) rides, stood in the longest line ever for Dole’s Pineapple whip, saw some characters and (some of us … ahem, Dayna) got soaked on Splash Mountain! I’m not going to lie, I walked past a TON of strollers and thought to myself, I’m really happy that’s not me right now. Work trips = freeeeeeeeeeeeedom! (sorry, did I say that too loud?)

disneyland disneylandYou cannot walk past the hallmark gates and the floral faced Mickey and not get your picture. Thanks, Dayna for forcing me to stop and pose.
.disneylanddisneylandI JUST noticed Pluto walking towards us in this photo. We had more than a handful of girls with us and not one of us noticed him walk by. Dang.
.disneyland disneyland disneylanddisneylanddisneyland disneylanddisneylandApparently, there was a boat shoe memo that went out. All but a handful of us girls got the memo.

disneylanddisneylanddisneyland disneylandOn this trip (and in this moment, specifically) I learned that Andrea has a secret talent. She can click her heels! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.

Not sure what came over us, maybe it was the music, the free pass off work or the sheer fact that she just inhaled an iced coffee, either way I loved that she busted this move. This is an office framer, Andrea.

 disneydisneydisneyland disneylandAfter a few days of back to back meetings, we were able to unwind at Downtown Disney. Where a little vino, some great conversation and (a lot) of Mickey ears were in order.
.disneyland  disneylanddisneyland

*Meghann and Melissa, thank you for planning such an amazing regional meeting. I have no idea how we will ever top it. The speakers, the events … the location. Thank you.