The Working Mom Hat: I opened Outlook

My boss is going to be so mad at me. I opened my Outlook. I’m on maternity leave and can hear her now, “Stephanie, get off your computer!!!!”

I had to send one itty bitty email, then I thought … I’ll just look through a few more. After going through 387 emails, I had to stop. I know, I know … I won’t do it again. I must be a professional addict or something.

In my Outlook search, I came across our team’s interactive holiday card and since I am not allowed back into my Outlook to share it with clients, I’ll share it with you. Happy holidays from our Starwood Hotels & Resorts Regional Marketing team.

Click the image to enlarge. The original one was sent with music and behind everyone’s face is a seasonal greeting. It was super cute. Reminds me how very thankful I am to have a job I love working with so many lovely ladies.

Starwood Field Marketing Team