The Working Mom Hat: Texas Travel

I’ve been blogging from Texas. I’m visiting a few luxury hotels in downtown Dallas (The Joule and W Dallas) and my next stop is The St. Regis Houston. It’s been a whirlwind tour for me because the day before I jumped on the plane, I lost my smart phone. Yep. Back to 2002 I go.

I grabbed my dad’s cell phone and I’m using that during this trip. It’s a flip phone without internet access. There’s nothing wrong with being disconnected it’s horrible being disconnected. I feel lost without being able to access Google, Foursquare, Facebook, this blog and my daughters You Tube videos with a simple touch of a screen.

I’m managing though. I call Ryan every chance I get to see how Kelsey is doing. Even when he is at work (he loves that). But, it just gives me such peace knowing she is well taken care of with dad while I’m on the road. He’s a super star husband (who works longer hours than I do) but my travel plans prove how solid we are as a team.

And yes, Mr-never-loses-anything is loving the fact that he can say, “I told you so” on this one. True story, right before I left for the airport I shouted upstairs, “Babe, have you seen my iPod?” His response was a shake of the head. I’m not irresponsible. I’m just busy. Right?

(I would add a photo here, but I don’t have a smart phone to take photos or to upload. Egh)

2 thoughts on “The Working Mom Hat: Texas Travel

    1. I found it!! Well, it showed up under the Executive Boardroom of the place I work, five days after I was there. Hurray!