The Working Mom Hat: The Real Deal

I can’t tell you how many people tell me, “I want your job.” You get to travel to amazing places, stay in the world’s best hotels and market a very sellable product. Well, what people may or may not know is that a multi-day business trip is not easy.

It’s physically and emotionally draining. I have an itty bitty baby at home (11 months) and a 3 1/2-year-old. Both who make my world go round. And I find it incredibly hard to be away from them.

This trip, I went to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had to leave on a Sunday afternoon, which was really hard. I remember sitting on the bottom bunk of my daughter’s bed, her head resting on my chest as I read her her favorite bedtime story. I was putting her down for her afternoon nap. After the book ended, we curled up next to each other in her bed. I played with her hair as she drifted off to sleep. Then, I leaned over, kissed her cheek and whispered, “See you Tuesday, Princess.”


That’s hard. Really hard. I returned to my hotel room after 8am – 8pm meetings and received a text from my mom. It was a picture of my son standing up next to the couch. He was just about to take his first steps.

And I’m not there. I’m not there to see it. Not there to encourage him. Not there to catch him when he fell. I’m missing such a remarkable moment in his life. And it’s times like these that I wish I didn’t travel so much. Soon after, my mom sent me another text. She took a video of Colton. Here, I’ll play it for you. It’s a bit hard to see, because … well, it’s my mom taking the video (no offense, mom).

You can see Kelsey bouncing around in the background and my husband’s feet next to Colton’s. Man, I wish those were my feet. I wish I was there to see him right now. You see, traveling is nice. I get to sleep through the night, someone makes my bed and I get a lot of alone time on the airplane. But, it’s still incredibly hard to leave my family.

Maybe I’m more emotional this trip because it’s like my 100th trip this year, or the fact that I’m just drained from the day. Either way, I have a 6am flight home (the first flight of the day) just so I can be there to pick up my kids from school. Cross your fingers that Colton holds out on walking until I get there.

Thank you for letting me vent. We have to tell it like it is sometimes, right?

3 thoughts on “The Working Mom Hat: The Real Deal

  1. I know this intimately. I missed my first son’s first steps when I was at work. No pictures, no video. His sitter just told me he took 4 steps in a row. I wanted to scream at her that she should have kept that information to herself and let me believe the steps I witnessed later that night were his first. Sigh. But life is always about finding balance. And where we lose somethings, we gain others. Chin up.

  2. 🙁 such a crummy feeling. I used to hate to travel for work before kids – I can’t imagine doing it now. You’re one tough cookie 🙂

  3. Wow, I totally feel for you. That stinks, having to be away from your kids for so long. My twins are 13 months, and if its any comfort, it seems like they’ve been ‘just starting walking’ for at least 3 months now so you will get to see the same falls for a while still. I’ve had many weeks when I hardly saw my kids because of work, youth sports, etc. But they’re still around and they know that I love them because I smother them with kisses every time I see them. You must be an awesome mom because your kids mean so much to you that you miss them dearly when you’re away.