The Working Parent Hat: Morning Routine

working mom blogSome mornings are harder than others. As a working mom, some days you feel on top of the world: accomplished, organized, fit and forward-thinking and other days you feel like mush. Tired. exhausted, drained and just blah. This morning was kind of like that.

I think it all has to do with sleep and routine. When something throws us off of our schedule, it’s hard to recover. Like 7am staff meetings (Ryan!), business trips, long work commutes and unrealistic deadlines that keep us working all night.

Then you have those days when your babies get sick. Who has to miss work to stay home with them? Sometimes I stay home. Sometimes he does. Sometimes we look at our schedules and split it up (I’ll come home at noon, he stays at work late, etc.). Thank goodness for amazing boss’ who have kids themselves and know exactly what it’s like.

The easiest part of being a working mom is when you get a full night’s rest. Which is rare. Since Colton wakes up around 4am (and wants to play), Ryan and I have both put in 5 hours of work by the time it’s 9am. Then, we actually go to work. It’s fun. It’s rewarding. It’s tiring. And it’s exactly what we choose to do. But, some mornings … it’s harder than others.

We finally came to the realization that we have to spend Sunday’s preparing for the week. We have to review each other’s work schedules and determine who can pick up the kids and who can drop them off at school. We have to grocery shop for the week. We have to clean up our house. And we have to get to bed early.

These are the things you just have to do. And then you have to be willing to go with the flow when something (or someone) throws your plans out of whack. It gets easier though. Once this cute little adorable baby of ours sleeps through the night, I think we will feel on top of the world again.

So, here’s to a better morning and a full cup of caffeinated tea to kick-start the day. Make that two cups of tea.