The Working Parent Hat: Sick Kids

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Illustration: Natalie Dion

This is always a recipe for fun. This morning, Colton woke up with Croup and Kelsey said she wasn’t feeling well enough for school (at the time I thought she was just playing off of the attention that Colton was getting, turns out it’s the flu. How do I know? Puke. All over.).

Ryan and I immediately check our calendars. “I have conference calls from 1pm – 4pm,” I said. “Well, I have an 8am, 2pm and 3pm that I can’t miss,” he replies. As tempted as we were to “paper, rock, scissors” it. We ended up splitting the duties.

I took the morning, he came home in the afternoon. We both gave and took a little. And we both took our conference calls while the other one was bouncing and balancing between a sick baby and pukey toddler.

Everyone says “just plan ahead!”, “make sure you get up early and plan,” “set a schedule and everything will be so much easier.” I laugh at that. No matter how many white boards you have something always comes up. Kids get sick. Meetings get scheduled. Work travel happens.

I guess the only thing to do is to try to do it together. At least that’s what we’re finding out to work the best. We really haven’t cracked the case on how to cope with sick kids during the work week and today was new for us – as we’ve never had both kids sick at the same time before.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better spirits all around. Night!

4 thoughts on “The Working Parent Hat: Sick Kids

  1. what a lovely illustration.
    i say it to anyone i know with children and a job – HOW DO YOU DO IT? i feel like i don’t have a spare second in my day – where would kids even fit? it’s wonderful that you two can lean on each other for support. the longterm impact on your marriage and kids will inevitably be very positive one. keep it up! xo

    1. Thanks love! Ryan’s still convinced there is a “stigma” when it comes to Corporate America and men taking time off work for their kids. “I can tell they look at my weird when I take off early,” he says. One day I hope that stigma goes away.

  2. how the hell are you supposed to plan for the flu?! We did stomach flu last week so our immunity is up if Kelsey needs to crash 🙂 Lots of 7Up and lots love coming your way – let me know if we can help!