The Writer Hat: Hip Mom Blog, The Glow

She won’t remember me. But, about 8 years ago I landed my first job as a writer. One of my first interviews was Laura Poretzky, designer of Abaeté. She was a dream to interview. She even sent me a bikini from her swim collection, which the 21-year-old-version of me loved. 

Flash forward to present times. I came across a website, The Glow. This is a photo blog that gives readers a glimpse into the lives of empowering, inspiring, fashion-forward moms. I glanced into the section for Laura Garcia. Turns out Laura Garcia is Laura Poretzky.

Like I said, she wouldn’t remember little ‘ole me, but it’s great to see her so successful and still making life look glamorous. Check out The Glow, I think you’ll find some recognizable names and great photos of other moms who are kicking butt at what they do.

PS. I found my article online if you want to read it. I was a baby writer at the time, so please be nice. 

Photo source: The Glow, Laura Garcia