There’s something so real about this photo


Sometimes you have to just give yourself credit for trying. This past Sunday we were getting ready for church when I noticed these giant clouds overhead. The way the sun was bouncing off of the clouds left this really pretty glow in the sky. My inner photo hobbyist immediately thought, “Such great lighting for a photo!” So I asked Ryan if he would snap of photo of the kids and I on our front porch. (I have been a mother for nearly five years now and should know better than to think I could actually get my kids to sit still for a photo, but I tried anyway.) Turns out, Colton started running in circles like a crazy person, Kelsey kept asking if we were all done and I was taken to the ground to try to wrangle the troops. This is actually the best photo I got. It was such a bummer that no one really looked at the camera (Kelsey was almost spot on!), but what I love most is this picture actually represents what mornings are typically like for our family … half chaotic, half insane and always full of silly, unexpected moments.

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