Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

The kids’ great aunt and great nana drove over from New Mexico to spend the weekend with us. My dad had surgery on his kidneys (he had to get one removed due to finding a cancerous tumor) and they helped us take care of him while he was recovering. We are so thankful to God for exposing this horrible tumor and allowing us the time to react and take care of it. All good things.

While they were in town, we decided to make cookies! Too many cookies. In fact, way too many cookies. But my nearly 7 months pregnant self wasn’t going to argue when they showed up with pink icing and all of this cookie dough.

So, here we are. All exhausted from baking. But super grateful for the time together. All of these women (nana, pam, grandma betty, mom & my daughter) have shaped me into the person I am today. The lifelong connection you have with your family is a pretty cool feeling, don’t you think?

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