Topgolf and a night out with friends

Top Golf 2

Do you have Topgolf where you live? It’s this really cool concept. It reminds me of bowling; you rent a “bay” and take turns hitting the golf ball into a few different holes. Each ball has a chip inside so the scores are accurately calculated by how you hit it. No previous golf skills are required. Phew.

The Top Golf we went to is three stories high. I’m a little anxious around heights, but we made it work. The food was good (albeit bar food) and the service was excellent. But more importantly than that was the incredible company.

You see, these are six people very near and dear to our hearts. Between us, we have 9 kids. NINE! And we have watched each other go through so many ups, downs, highs and lows. We’re pretty much like family. When Ryan and I called them a few weeks ago and demanded we get babysitters and actually see each other outside of one of our kids birthday parties, they all eagerly made it happen.

Top Golf

Top Golf

Top Golf 4

Top Golf 5

Top golf 7



What a great night out with friends! Everyone needs nights like these to really re-charge and re-connect with the people who have your back through anything. Oh, I forgot to mention the best part … Ryan and I won the last game!