Uncle Shaun’s Child Anxiety

You should have seen my brother try to pick up the kids last week. He was visiting from Austin, Texas and I told him before he left that I wanted to snap a photo of him with the kids outside. “Just pick them up,” I said. “Like. How? Like. This? I can’t. I have no idea. You hold them,” he cried.

It was hilarious, he had no clue how to do it.

I guess I too easily forget how intimidating kids can be for someone who doesn’t have any. Maybe he was afraid he would drop them. Or hurt them. Or they would kick and scream and cry until he left them down.

Either way, I made him do it, and it was hilarious to watch. He carefully knelt on all fours, put his hands under Kelsey’s arm pits and slowly lifted her up like a crane. So awkward. Then, I handed him Colton. “Do I put Kelsey on my side? How do I hold two?” I eventually stepped in to ease him of his apparent holding-a-child anxiety.

We love you Uncle Shaun. The kids sure do adore you.

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