We’re going and you’re going to have fun!

Ryan and I decided, enough is enough. This travel schedule is a bit hectic and his job is working him to the bone, so last week we dropped everything and dedicated the entire* weekend to family time. One of the things we did was the zoo. And while Colton looks miserable and Kelsey was mad at us for forgetting her hat, we did have fun.

*I’m going to asterisk this because that was the intent. Then his boss called at 1pm on Sunday and demanded a report be on his desk by 7am, Monday. So really we had the entire morning. But that’s still pretty good.

the zoo the zoo  the zoo It was this guys nap time so he slept most of the time. He went to bed in the car and woke up staring at a monkey at the zoo. I would be confused too. Oh, and don’t mind his jeans. I can’t get them buttoned! He has the same issues that I do. Nothing fits.

the zoo the zoo They look so excited to be there, wouldn’t you agree? He’s about to pass out. She’s still mad at me from earlier in the day. Ahhh … just another relaxing Sunday with an infant and a toddler.