What Day One (at your own company) Feels Like

Day one of anything is a bit scary. It’s like walking up to the high dive when you’re little and knowing that you have to jump off the diving board otherwise you’ll be the silly girl who climbs down backwards off the ladder until she’s in a safe place. Been there. Getting outside of your comfort zone is no easy task. But, we’re ready! My business partners and I have been hustling the past few days and working harder than ever.

One of our newest clients is J and J Design Group – they are amazing interior designers, HGTV collaborators and fellow women entrepreneurs that kick butt at what they do. We are so excited to be working with fellow creatives and have already begun to pick which items in their shop we MUST have for our children’s rooms. If you haven’t already seen their work – check out their designed rooms here – and – oh my gosh, do check out their Modern Kids Rooms.






All photos from JandJDesignGroup.com.