When you get parenting blues

What do you do when you get parenting blues? It happens, right? It’s a real thing, isn’t it? Yesterday was that day for me. For whatever reason I was in a funk that I couldn’t get out of. Maybe it was Colton’s neediness that threw me over the edge or the 1,000 times that Kelsey disobeyed me and threw me attitude.

Or maybe the fact that I’m starving (dieting to get rid of this extra baby weight). Or the horrible sleep I had the night before: I fell asleep on the bottom bunk of a kids twin bed (apparently I passed out while tucking Kelsey in at night). I only found out because at 5am she said, “Mom, give me back my pillow.”

Whatever it was, I’m sure glad this weekend is over. Don’t get me wrong; I value every moment with my kids but this weekend came with parenting blues and I just need a minute to reset and try again. I even volunteered to make the Costco run this afternoon. You know its bad when you would rather be at Costco fighting the crowds.

Meanwhile, Kelsey wears a school uniform now and it’s the cutest thing you have ever seen.

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One thought on “When you get parenting blues

  1. I had mine several weeks ago – or was it a few months ago, I can’t remember. Reduced to a pile of sobbing mess for the better part of 18 hours that day. I remember looking down at my ever-expanding pregnant belly and said, “Kid, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride with a mess of a mommy like me – you’re gonna have to be strong for the BOTH of us!” I didn’t enjoy that day, but I felt it was necessary. One day I’ll look back at it and not cringe so much, smile and say, “Every mom has her moment.”

    Hope you’re feeling better! 😀