Where are these cute maternity clothes?

This is more like a cry for help than a question. Where do you buy maternity clothes? And does it have to be from a shop solely online? I went to Destination Maternity and could only find snug fitting dresses that go up to a size large (and well … sometimes I don’t want to feel ‘snug’). In my state, Nordstrom doesn’t have a maternity section in their store, just online. H&M has some cute choices but they are a bit cheap in quality (what? they are. I have two shirts). So I guess it’s Target for the win, but really … that can’t be my only option.

You were or know someone who was pregnant at one point, right? Where did they shop? I want to look (and feel as great as) this mom-to-be without breaking the bank. Am I reaching for the stars, or are these looks achievable? Please help.

Maternity Clothes Maternity Clothes

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2 thoughts on “Where are these cute maternity clothes?

  1. I couldn’t agree more!! It is so hard to find cute maternity clothes. I definitely did the Destination Maternity route as well but here are my top pick websites:

    http://www.shade.com (order a ton from here!!) They have cheap basics but good quality. I order a lot of maternity tanks for layering and a cute tunic shirt and some dresses. They have free returns too so it helps.
    – Gap Maternity – I got one or two sweaters and things from Gap online but they don’t have a lot to choose from that is cute. They do have awesome maternity leggings though and I wear those a lot
    http://www.asos.com – (ordered one or two things from here) European brand, fairly cheap, preppy.
    – Pea in the Pod – they have stores and a line at Macy’s. I bought 2 pairs of work dress pants from them and Joe’s Jeans that I wear a lot. I also bought a rehearsal dinner dress from there. They have cute stuff with higher quality brands then most places but sometimes pricey.
    – Target – they have good layering tanks for nursing. Some of the maternity dresses and shirts are cute too.

    Good luck!!