I should start a (toddler) book club

I feel like I should be running a book club by now. I receive a new book every month (about) from my amazing Aunt Pam. She is an avid reader and has vowed to make the kids so. It’s remarkable. I am without-a-doubt spoiled and so our my kids.

Books are like $17 a pop these days! So we are so thankful that my Aunt has us covered. Plus, we get to introduce a new book to the kids nearly every few weeks. That, and the fact that Ryan and I get to peek inside a new book (and not read the same one 1,909 nights in a row) is also a great perk!

My Aunt just mailed the kids a new book and I have to say, that after the first read, it has become one of my absolute favorites! Nevermind the fact that I giggle out loud every time I read it, but Kelsey is so engaged in it. She’s three years old and I would say this is the perfect age for this book.

If you have a kid around the same age, or are looking for new books to add to your toddlers library, I highly recommend The Day the Crayon’s Quit by Drew Daywalt. It’s perfect for a boy or girl. And no joke – I think I’ll do a post soon on the many (many, many, many) amazing books for kids that my Aunt has sent us. We’ve got a library going over here.

kids book

kids book

  kids bookThis is the part where the black crayon writes Duncan to tell him that he’s fed up. He’s upset because Duncan only uses the black crayon to outline things and not to color. Every crayon has a ‘tif’ and is writing Duncan to let him know things have to change. Pink barely gets used. Beige is sick of being second fiddle to Mr. Brown and Yellow and Orange aren’t on speaking terms because both think they should be the color of the sun.

kid books

kids bookRed is upset because he is overworked and even has to work on holidays – coloring Santa’s suit on Christmas and hearts on Valentine’s Day. Tough job, this one has. Peach is pissed because Duncan tore off his wrapper and now he is naked. He’s too embarrassed to come out of the crayon box. I kind of laugh when I get to this page. It’s either funny, or I’m just delirious come 8pm every night.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA very cute story. I would highly recommend this kids book. It’s a good book that would be best for 3 because they need a slightly longer attention span and they need experience coloring so they can relate. Enjoy it!

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