The All-About-Me Hat: Seeking Hairspiration

I’m looking for a little hair inspiration. My hair is long. Like Rapunzel long. I love it, but everyone needs a little makeover now and again. My hair dresser (bless her fashion-forward heart) knows me all too well: When I demanded to chop my hair and bleach it 10 days before my wedding she said, “Let’s wait until after the wedding”. When I wanted to make a drastic change during my pregnancy (after getting upset that I gained 60 lbs), she said, “How about we wait just a bit”. She knows hormones make me do and demand some crazy things.
Well, I just talked to my hairstylist and we’re getting ready for a change on Wednesday. I’m not sure if I’m dying it lighter, darker, cutting it shorter or coming out with bangs. But, one thing is for sure – I need a little hairspiration to get my mind thinking. I did a Google image search for “hairstyles for heart-shaped faces” and I found some looks that I would consider.

And some that I wouldn’t.

I haven’t changed my hairstyle in two years. I’m not sure if I’ll chicken out or come out with just a simple update. But, whatever I decide to do, I will post photos for you. And not because you care what my hair looks like, but because I’ve built it up so much with this post. Wish me luck!

Saskia, I can’t wait to see you! 9am is too early for wine, right?.

4 thoughts on “The All-About-Me Hat: Seeking Hairspiration

  1. OMG!!!! T’was me you speak about? I am honored oh golden locks one!!!! I can’t wait to see you and NO 9am is not to early for wine……it’s 5 o’clock some where OR we are just doin it up European style! Can’t wait for the new do…..Xoxo

  2. i’m sure you’ll look great! you’re going to post pictures, right?!
    i have tried googleing for hair styles before but for some reason i never thought of doing a specific “face shape” search. i’ll do that, need a new style for 2011 anyways!

    1. of course! Do it, a new year – a new you! It rained on my parade today, so tomorrow the pics are coming up. I love it. Inspired by the Reese look the most.