The Parenting Hat: Anything I can’t do, maybe she can?

Oh, how I wish I could sing, dance, draw, paint and illustrate. This is something I would draw, if I could. Vintage fashion illustrations from Lauren Maurer. So pretty. So feminine. So wonderful. For now, I’ll just dream and hope that Kelsey can do this one day. That’s right: I will plan to live vicariously through my daughter. Isn’t that part of the fun of parenting?  She will be a singer, painter, illustrator, fashion designer, model, doctor and CEO of a major company. All in one lifetime.
No pressure, kid.

Looking at those images above, I am reminded of my all-time FAVORITE scene in Disney’s Cinderella: The scene where the mice make her dress. I loved it.

2 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: Anything I can’t do, maybe she can?

  1. I have several friends in the business of creating beautiful things… It never fails that I am overcome with talent envy every time we hang out!
    P.S. That’s totally my favorite scene from the movie, too 🙂