The Clumsy Hat: Toy Malfunction

My hair got stuck in an airplane today. Let me explain. There Kelsey and I were, at the cash register of Target. We had made it through the entire store without buying (too many) toys for her.

All of the sudden, she spots that dang end-cap where they feature all of the toys, candy and magazines that you don’t need – exactly at kid eye level. And what does Kelsey see, but a little toy airplane that she has to have.

Her face lights up and she is so excited about this toy. It has a little button on it that you press and the airplane’s propellers spin really fast. It’s only $3.99 so I say, what the heck, and put it on the conveyor belt. We check out and she is glowing. I totally made her day.

We arrive at the car and I put her in her car seat. She’s still holding and spinning her new airplane toy. She loves it. I lean over to buckle her car seat and my hair gets caught in her airplane propellers. Yep. My hair gets wrapped and wrapped and wrapped around this annoying $3.99 toy that I never wanted in the first place.

It hurts. And Kelsey is not understanding why I won’t give her the toy back. Someone walks by and does a double take at me, as if to say, “Does that lady have an airplane dangling from her hair”. So what if I do. This can’t be a parenting first.

Anyway. I jump into the driver seat and start our drive home. One hand on the wheel. One hand on this toy that has such a tight grip on my hair. I run inside and ask Ryan to get me outta this thing! “What is that thing in your hair?”, he asks. Understandable, but I’m kind of annoyed at this point. It’s an airplane!!!!

Kelsey waits in the background as Ryan passes Colton off to me and (ever so seriously) gets me out of this contraption. How much hair did I lose? Is what the vanity in me is thinking. “Your hair is all out. No damage was done.” Phew.

I hand Kelsey back her airplane toy and dodge her like a bullet every time she gets near me with this thing. Dang marketers, keep those $3.99 toys far, far, far away from us girls with long locks.

airplane toy


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