The Culinary Hat: Vanilla-Crusted French Toast

This is how I feel about cooking.

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I’m not that good at cooking (but I have about three cute aprons that suggest otherwise). Lately, with a little hard work and practice, I’ve been getting better at it. Especially breakfast (thanks to my mother-in-law). 
I’ll share a recipe she gave me for some a-mazing French Toast. Vanilla Crusted French Toast to be exact. It’s the perfect choice to entertain a large crowd or for brunch on the weekends. We make it all the time when we’re up at the cabin. I think you’ll really like it. Make sure you turn off your calorie counter for this one.

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 Tip: I buy the bread at A.J.’s Fine Foods or any speciality grocery store.

5 thoughts on “The Culinary Hat: Vanilla-Crusted French Toast

  1. I’m glad you posted the actual recipe. Mary Ann made it for us at the cabin, then I made it at the cabin, but I didn’t know about the egg yolks! Oops! Now i’ll just have to make it again! It’s so yummy!

    1. Isn’t it the best? The egg probably makes it stick better. Good luck. I’ve got more from MAC that I can share.