The Daughter Hat: Boys are Scum, per Dad

I guess you’re never too old to be Daddy’s Little Girl. Tonight, I opened the mail to find a Halloween card from my parents. My dad signed the card in true “daddy” fashion. Here, take a look.

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The inside text from my dad reads, “I know you found a pretty good one, but boys are still scum.” My dad has been telling me this since I was 16 years old. Good to know some things stay the same. Thanks for the good laugh, dad! And yes, I remember – boys are bad … except for Dad.


4 thoughts on “The Daughter Hat: Boys are Scum, per Dad

  1. well i love the card.. and i love the fact that u and ur father seem close in that way.. i dont remember the last time i got a card from my parents.. it was always my grandmom that sent them.. not to say that me and my parents arent close.. they just never did things like that..

  2. I think it’s my mom – she sends me a card every holiday. So do my grandparents. Guess Hallmark has my family suckered. Happy early halloween to you and your family. Oh, and maybe you can start the trend and send them to your children. 🙂