The Design Hat: Repurpose a Mason Jar

I love the look of a mason jar. That’s not a joke. I really do. And to think, there are so many ways to repurpose these cute jars. Here’s a few ideas that I adore. You can click on the links to find the original image source and some more info.

Mason Jar Light Fixture

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Picture Frame (filled with olive oil)

Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Desserts

How-to-make Aqua Mason Jar Glass

Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Floating Centerpieces

Pottery Barn Mason Dispenser

Mason Jar Screen Prints

I told you. I love me some mason jars. Maybe it’s because my great-grandma had these all over her home at the farm as a way to can her green beans and vegetables from the garden. Or, as storage jars for cotton balls, pens, you name it. I remember being fascinated with these jars then. And, obviously, I still am.

8 thoughts on “The Design Hat: Repurpose a Mason Jar

  1. Love ’em too and love all the cool ideas you found and posted – makes me want to get crafty over here. Thanks for the inspiration Steph

  2. Teri – you’re going to have to come over soon so we can have mason jar margaritas! I love that website, I’ve never seen it before. Very cute ideas, and yes – very Teri. 🙂