The Easter Hat: Basket Requests

Kelsey is so excited for her third Easter! The Bunny stopped by this morning to drop off her Easter basket (he checks with mom first to make sure the basket is approved). Good thing he did, because Kelsey had a request that has sent him back to the store for more.

S – “What do think the Easter Bunny will bring you on Sunday?”
K – “Barrettes.”
S – “Barrettes?”
K – “Yes. Kelsey needs two barrettes for right here (points to her hair).”
S – “OK. Not sure Easter Bunny works like Santa, but I’ll let him know.”

So, the Easter Bunny is out today trying to make this little two-year olds request come true. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees what the Easter bunny will bring her this Sunday! Here’s a peek.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone! xo

2 thoughts on “The Easter Hat: Basket Requests

  1. FUN. You are like me- no candy- but lots of fun stuff. jack got sidewalk chalk (never seen before, so it will blow his mind), a new plate with robots on it, a new toothbrush (obsessed with brushing his teeth), and some “meney”…aka quarters, his fave thing on earth.

    have a good one 🙂