The Family Hat: Celebrate, We Will

Today, my baby turns 1. She woke up to mommy and daddy signing, “Happy Birthday”. Twice. And after we were done, she held out her hand, turned it palm side up and we all went, “ta-da!”. She knows it’s her special day. She went off to school in a birthday t-shirt, skinny jeans and sparkling shoes. She’s a happy and healthy 21 lbs today.
Her personality is the best. Last night, while in the bathtub, she was splishing and splashing. She grabbed her bath toy and squealed really loud with excitement when her toy hit the bathtub wall. Then, she immediately turned to her daddy and I, put her finger over her mouth and said, “shhhhh!”. She knew she was being too loud so she “hushed” herself. It was the funniest thing we have seen in a long time. She makes us laugh. She makes us smile. She makes us realize how wonderful life truly is and how blessed we all are. We’re seeing life through the eyes of a child. And it really doesn’t get better than that. 
Tonight, we are celebrating with a cream puff (for her) and a chocolate eclair (for us). Why? Because on Feb 9, 2010 I labor started at 7am. To my surprise, you can’t eat anything during labor. Kelsey was born in the evening at 5:44pm and I was starving. I remember telling my dad that all I wanted was a giant chocolate eclair! I have no clue where or why I thought of that, but I did. My dad brought me the world’s largest eclair the night baby was born and my husband and I dug in. It was delicious. So, in honor of that night, we will eat eclairs! The house is also filled with baby pink roses and pink carnations. The same flowers that filled our house when we brought Kelsey home from the hospital. When she gets older, I wonder if pink roses and carnations will be her favorite two flowers?  I hope so.
Here are some photos taken by two of my dear friends (Britany and Teri) during the birthday girls’ first birthday party this weekend.

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5 thoughts on “The Family Hat: Celebrate, We Will

  1. Gorgeous party, gorgeous baby, gorgeous family! So happy for your family and what an amazing blessing Kelsey bug is. So bummed I missed the party, but it looked absolutely perfect and pink! I hope we can celebrate, again, soon!