The Family Hat: Disneyland Secret Spot

While in Disneyland, Ryan and I stumbled upon an amazing spot for toddlers. It’s a spot near Frontierland (Santa’s playground during the holidays). There are reindeer there, Pluto is there, but most importantly, there is a quiet resting spot for the kids.

There are picnic tables a plenty with coloring books and crayons. Why so excited you ask? Because it was a quiet little spot to escape the chaos, the crowd and the noise for just a few moments and rest. And besides, being our first day at Disneyland, these first-time parent feet welcomed a little R&R.

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I love the photo above because she could careless that Pluto is just steps away. In fact, Pluto came up to her many times throughout the trip and every time she would look and him, look at me and then scrunch up her nose and say, “I don’t like it.” I would look at her and say, “Honey, you don’t like Pluto?” to which she would reply, “no” followed by, “mommy, find Mickey.”

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