The Family Hat: Gift idea for beer lovers

My sister-in-law rocks. She’s one of the most sarcastic girls I know. She always makes you smile and is super easy to talk to. So, for her 30th birthday (since she’s living the life in sunny California) we decided to get her two things she loves the most: Alaskan Amber ale + something designer from Nordstrom. She’s a beer drinker with a fabulous fashion sense (I told you, she rocks).

I got this idea from a friend: Personalized beer labels from Pinhole Press. Super easy to make (I used an instagram photo of her fierce cat) and it was printed and shipped within days. I put the labels on the beer and hid them in my mother-in-laws refrigerator where sister found them last night (she’s in town for the weekend). She loved them, which makes it even more special of a gift.

Personalized beer, plus a little designer trinket from Nordstrom.

Lauren’s ale of choice.

The famous Miss Kitty’s glamour shot.