The Family Hat: Party of 4

I still can’t believe we’re a party of four. Our family has grown so much since Ryan and I said, “I do” over five years ago. We now have two littles that call us mom and dad. Sometimes I pinch myself because I don’t believe how we got so lucky. God blessed us, that’s for sure.

Sunday was a fun day indeed. It was spent celebrating their Papa’s birthday. Afterwards, we raced to the backyard and enjoyed our final days of good weather (before it’s over 100 degrees 24/7). Everyone dog piled on Ryan (the highlight of the night), we played pretend airplane (a childhood favorite) and then Ryan and Kelsey had a sword fight with pool toys.

These are the moments when you forget all the worries of work, stress of life, and you just enjoy. Besides, how kissable are Colton’s squishy little toes? I could eat them up!

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