The Family Hat: Rejoice, Rejoice!

Last night was baby’s first Christmas Eve dinner. The guest list included:

  • 1 Baby
  • 1 Mommy
  • 1 Daddy
  • 2 Uncles
  • 2 Great-Grandmas
  • 1 Great-Grandpa
  • 1 Nanni
  • 2 Grandpas
  • 1 G-MAC
  • 1 Aunt
  • Lots of food, wine and spiked eggnog

We managed to take a couple of photos – but really we captured everything on film. Kelsey stayed up until 9:30pm (her bedtime is 8pm) and loved digging into all of her presents. She had so many to open! After the festivities were done, I tucked in into her crib and whispered, “Santa is coming tonight” before rubbing her back and saying a prayer. I hope you too had a very Merry Christmas Eve.
Next up … Christmas morning photos! Check back soon. 


My brothers were so funny when it came to Kelsey. One held her like a football. The other stared at her with his beer. It’s really funny to watch them with her.