The Family Hat: The Pumpkin Patch

Last year, we ended our pumpkin patch venture with the flu. Not this time! We visited a local farm (darling, little farm) where Kelsey rode a train, pet a donkey, chased a goose and hung out with her cousins. We had a ball. The best part? Spending moments like this with a little girl who reminds me what life is all about … every day.

I think the donkey was showing off at this point. He kept sticking his face through the fence.  Kelsey loved this guy. She rubbed her chest (sign language) and said, “happy” when he was around.

Cousins! Believe it or not, getting them to line up wasn’t too hard at all. Getting them to smile, that’s another story.

Kelsey does not like swings. Every time we try, she jumps off screaming. Today was a different story. After cousin Connor got off the swing, she ran over to it. Tongue out and all.

Yep. I squeezed into this little car. Kelsey jumped on my lap and “drove” me around the entire park. Such a fun day, thanks mom and grandma for going with us. I have hay in my jeans, dust in my eyes and tons of new memories.

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