The Family Hat: Uncle and Me

My brother hates that I’m so obsessed with taking photos. But, look how happy she is with her uncle!!! This was a moment that I couldn’t resist.

Today, I took her over to Nanni (spelled with an “i”, of course) and Grandpa’s house to play. My brother is in town and my husband is glued to the TV – college football day. So, it was a great day to leave the house and see our family. Nanni bought her this cute little walker. She loves it! From the moment we put her in it, she was walking all over the place. 

Beep, beep!

She was having so much fun walking all over her uncle. She took the TV remote that was on his lap and she said, “da da”. Perhaps it was just jibberish, but it sounded like she said, Dada. Mabye she thinks the remote is her dad. Either way – it was cute to hear.

PS – To my fellow Wildcats. Not to worry – as soon as this college football game is over, she is changing shirts. Her dad and I went to rival colleges so I figured I would be nice and give him this moment. Secretly, I was hoping she would poop in this shirt and we would have to throw it out. Bear down!