The Fashion Hat: Best window displays

I have such passion for retail and visual merchandising. One day, I want to open my own retail store (my friends have been hearing about this notion since I was nineteen years old). I have so many concepts jotted down on paper, I’m just to chicken to do it. I love admiring great window displays.

Retail windows are like art, you know: someone is creatively investing in innovative ways to lure a shopper’s eyes to your building and then into your store. Marketing magic happens here.

Anthropologie – Great use of ordinary items like marshmallows, pink balloons and newspaper to create dramatic effects.

Barneys on Madison Avenue in New York – Louboutin high heels are suspended in a large fish tank surrounded by live fish as part of a window display in September 2012. How do they think of these things? Photo via > 

Vivienne Westwood – I love how the big bubbles highlight the merchandise. Looks so simple, yet so complicated. Photo via >

Tiffany & Co – When I was little, my mom always showed me the Tiffany window displays at the mall. The mini story scenes that they create are truly magical. They get even more endearing (if you can believe it) during the holiday season. Photos 1, 2.

Louis Vuitton – I love, love, love these windows! The eggs would crack open every few days. Read the story behind the concept here. Photos by Smudgetikka.

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