The Fashion Hat: My Spring Sparkle

I bought this headband at the Seattle Nordstrom store last month. It’s perfect for spring. The band is thin and the multi-colored “stones” make it pop, enhancing an ordinary hairstyle.

Anyway. I put my new spring sparkle on the countertop and snapped a photo to show you. Baby girl was waiting in the wings stacking plastic cups.

I turned my back (for like one second) and baby girl snatched my headband off of the countertop and decided it was her favorite new headband too. With my new spring sparkle on her head, she continued stacking her cups.

And so it begins … sharing mom’s stuff already. (*here comes a parenting confession) I’m actually kind of excited to share her clothes. I mean, have you seen how cute this little girl stuff is? Soon enough, I could rock a purple polka-dotted hoodie, right?