The Friendship Hat: New Design Star!

My digital detox was amazing! Just want I needed to recharge and regroup. I jumped on Facebook 3 times in 7 days (that has to be some kind of record) and was officially back in the social scene yesterday.

To my delight, I was treated to a fabulous Facebook post from a friend! Britany Simon is going to be on HGTV’s Design Star! She’s been a friend since high school and I simply adore her  personal and professional style.

She has taken all Kelsey’s photos and possesses such a glow about her. Her knack for fashion and interior style is impeccable and truly shines when she is in her realm – interior designing.

Click here to see meet the Design Stars and to VOTE for Britany as your Fan Favorite. I know, I know, it’s hard to say she is your favorite without seeing the show, but I swear – if you don’t know her already you will fall in love. Please help us make her a Fan Favorite by voting!

It’s simple and only takes about 3 seconds. Have a wonderful day! xo

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