The Friendship Hat: Say it ain’t sew

We went to this overwhelmingly disorganized store to find fabric for my toddler’s party (mickey theme). Before arriving, I told Teri I needed to find the perfect fabric for tablecloths. Teri said, “You sew? I had no idea.” I admitted, I don’t sew.

“How are you going to make the hem on the table clothes then?” she asked. “Glue gun?” I answered with hesitation. “Silly,” she goes. And introduced me to the iron on hem. This will do. In fact, it will totally do until I get those darn sewing lessons that are on my bucket list.

Here’s a photo of the fabric (more photos on T’s blog).

Now … I’m on the hunt for basic sewing tips and tricks. T and I were talking and – honestly, who has the time to learn all of this stuff, and who has the space in their house for that mega sewing machine? And furthermore, why didn’t I pay more attention in 8th grade Home Ec.

So much fabric, so many ideas, so little skills.

Long story short, if you need to reach me this weekend, you can find me in the laundry room … ironing-on a hem. (I’ll plug-in the glue gun just in case – just don’t tell Teri.)

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